Privacy concerns in smart tech homes

Privacy concerns in smart tech homes

As the involvement of smart technology has increased in our lives, it’s not hard to imagine worst scenarios of these technologies invading in our private space smart digital signage system. These automated devices can sometimes prove to be a nightmare. These devices claim to provide privacy in home.  But are they reliable?  With the dawn of internet comes the risk of cyber-crimes. One of the biggest threats to people using automated devises is hacking of these devices. There are many cases that involve the hacking of cyber portals of people by hackers. In some cases, smart audio system records the intimate conversation of the residents, your smart refrigerator knows your grocery list, the motion detectors know when the people are at home and when they are outside. 

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When you bring smart technology at home, you gamble to your privacy with the technology. Many companies have taken several measures in order to minimize cyber-crime, but still 1 out of 20 people might become a trap of cyber-crimes. The privacy paradox is very open in smart technology. Corporations that claim to be care about their customer’s security takes no action in order to protect them. It’s no lie that many big corporations have private data if billions of people across the globe Smart technology is intangible, so is the privacy protection. Just know that when you use social media sites that collect your virtual private data, but imagine how threatening it is when smart technology can listen to your private conversations at home. This is huge privacy violation. It’s a high time for tech companies to be more accountable for their actions and take steps to protect the privacy of the users. When someone peeps in your home or tries to unlock your door, your first instinct is to send them away. The same is with smart technology, it’s hard almost impossible to avoid the use of smart technology but you can take steps to make the hackers go away. People should be concerned about virtual privacy.

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 It’s important that you are well versed with the technology installed at your home, office or building. According to experts, the privacy policy on web makes users feel more secure and safe, but you got know whether the data collected by that website will be sold to third party or not. Smart technology can reveal more about you than general technology. If these automated devices can predict your behavior through your patterns who knows how destructive they can be. Some users are afraid that smart technology tracks their usage and reveals about their private lives. When you are at home, smart technology can exhibit more vulnerabilities and data breaches than in real world. So, choose your smart technology wisely. Remember you can be risking your privacy in conferences.  Even if you are online you should know with whom you are sharing your data. Smart technology has proved to be boom for 21st century but the privacy concerns it brings with itself cannot be overlooked.

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